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In a world governed by social networks, professional athletes are more than ever under great media pressure. Social networks have shaken up the codes of communication. Beyond their status as athletes, athletes are becoming personalities and, for some, real influencers. In this context, the opportunities are immense, but slippage is frequent.

The Iceberg supports professional athletes in managing their image. We help them make the most of these opportunities, avoiding the pitfalls. 

A 360° in-depth reflection

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We work on your image in depth in the manner of a goldsmith with the aim of giving it value. We implement strategies tailored to your profile and personality. 

From your image, we create a brand that will attract the best partners.

We’re gonna make you shine!

The team


Working with The Iceberg means surrounding yourself with a passionate team made up of complementary profiles including:

  • marketing experts to help you establish a development strategy
  • graphic designers and videographers to produce tailor-made content
  • creative community managers to build strong communities
  • webanalysts to optimize your digital campaigns
  • a legal department to help you make the right choices
  • consultants active in different sports fields

A complementary and motivated team for a tailor-made support


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